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Nameplates for Scale Models

Spitfire Mk Ia.jpg
M4A1 Sherman.jpg
USS Missouri BB-63.jpg

 Nameplates are available in Real Metal or inexpensive, paintable, white Acrylic Plastic.


Requests for other aircraft, armored vehicles and ship names are welcome.


Below is a list of Model Monkey-designed nameplates for over 2000 modeling subjects including space shuttle orbiters, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles, ships, boats and submarines.

Nameplates feature raised lettering and a decorative rope border.

Material choices:

  • acrylic plastic, inexpensive and paintable

  • brass and polished brass

  • bronze and polished bronze

  • silver and polished silver

  • 14k gold-plated brass

  • 18k gold-plated brass

  • rose gold-plated brass

  • rhodium-plated brass - Rhodium is a member of the platinum group of metals.  It is silver in color.  Rhodium does not tarnish.

Nameplates can be enlarged from the basic design upon request:

  • basic design: 7 centimeters long (~ 3 inches) to complement typical 1/72 scale and 1/48 scale model aircraft, 1/35 scale model armored vehicles, and 1/700 scale model ships.

  • metal can be enlarged up to 10 centimeters long (~ 4 inches).

  • plastic can be enlarged up to 28 centimeters long (~ 11 inches).

Nameplates are designed by Model Monkey but 3D-printed and sold by Shapeways.

Contact Model Monkey for nameplate design questions and enlargement requests (click here).

Contact Shapeways' customer service for nameplate printing and shipping questions (click here).

1/800 - 1/1250 Scales: Widget

Click on any link below to see or order a specific nameplate.

Operators and events:

Rebel Alliance

T-65B X-wing *



T-70 X-wing *

Klingon Empire

D7 Battlecruiser *


United Federation of Planets

USS Bismarck NCC-1704 *

USS Challenger NCC-1715 *

USS Constellation NCC-1017 *

USS Constitution NCC-1700 *

USS Eagle NCC-1719 *

USS Endeavour NCC-1716 *

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 *

USS Excalibur NCC-1664 *

USS Excalibur NCC-1711 *

USS Excelsior NCC-2000 *

USS Exeter NCC-1706 *

USS Exeter NCC-1712 *

USS Hood NCC-1703 *

USS Hornet NCC-1714 *

USS Intrepid NCC-1708 *

USS Kongo NCC-1710 *

USS Lafayette NCC-1720 *

USS Lexington NCC-1709 *

USS Monitor NCC-1713 *

USS Potemkin NCC-1702 *

USS Ranger NCC-1707 *

USS Reliant NCC-1864 *

USS Valiant NCC-1718 *

USS Yamato NCC-1705 *

USS Yamato NCC-75808 *

USS Yorktown NCC-1717 *

Albania - Shqipëri



Algeria - الجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية

C-54D Skymaster

C-130H Hercules




Mil Mi-8





C-47 Skytrain

C-54D Skymaster

C-130E Hercules

C-130H Hercules


F-86F Sabre

G.55 Centauro

Ju 52/3m

Lancaster B.I

Lancaster B.III

Mirage III

OV-1A Mohawk


Walrus Mk. I

AB 212

Mil Mi-8

UH-1D Iroquois

Crusader Mk.III

M4A1 Sherman

Sherman VC Firefly

M41 Walker Bulldog

M113A2  APC

ARA Almirante Brown

ARA Almirante Storni

ARA Buenos Aires

ARA Espora

ARA General Belgrano

ARA Hércules

ARA Hipólito Bouchard

ARA Independencia

ARA Moreno

ARA Piedrabuena

ARA Rivadavia

ARA Rosales

ARA Santisima Trinidad

ARA Segui


Beaufighter Mk.I

Beaufighter Mk.VI

Beaufighter TF Mk.X

Beaufighter Mk.21

Beaufort Mk.I

C-17A Globemaster III

C-54D Skymaster

C-130E Hercules

C-130H Hercules

C-130J Super Hercules

CAC Boomerang

CAC CA-18 Mustang

CAC Wirraway

Dakota Mk.III

F-4E Phantom II