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Scale: 1/144

This model represents the funnel of celebrated aircraft carrier USS Lexington CV-2 as she appeared on the day of her sinking following her aircraft, together with those of USSYorktown CV-5, sinking the Japanese aircraft carrier Shoho and the crippling of Japanese aircraft carrier Shokaku during the first carrier vs. carrier battle in history. 


This model captures features, such as rounded-end splinter shielding, confirmed by photos of the wreck published by Paul Allen.


  • fully assembled
  • accurately dimensioned from US Navy Booklet of General Plans drawings
  • 1942 features designed from official Navy Yard Pearl Harbor "General Arrangement, New Anti-aircraft Battery & Fire Control" drawings dated 15 April 1942 
  • accurate elliptical shape, not slab-sided a some plastic kits are, and the 01 level is wider aft
  • detail shapes and locations confirmed by careful study of photographs of the actual ship during her Pearl Harbor refit, the Batte of the Coral Sea, and the wreck
  • open smoke pipes, accurately sized and properly sloped and compartmented, passing all the way through
  • raised and angled forward smoke pipe exhaust
  • open drying room vents just below the funnel cap
  • funnel cap roof has the correct complex curve
  • funnel cap roof access hatches (three)
  • ammunition "dumb-waiter" hoists on the starboard side of the AA platform with delicate guide rails extending to the flight deck level
  • access hatches on the roof of the fresh water tank (the boxy structure on the 01 level forward of the stack)
  • CXAM-1 radar platform accurately sized and located with structural supports
  • accurate splinter shield shapes with ribs properly numbered, sized and located
  • 1.1" quadruple "Chicago Piano" tubs, one forward on the 01 level, and two aft with correct rounded ends as confirmed by wreck photos
  • 20mm Oerlikon position with splinter shielding on the former 8" Fire Control platform
  • 20mm Oerlikon clipping rooms on the former 8" Fire Control platform and on the 01 level aft, accurately sized and located with open A/T doors in the correct locations
  • detailed, internal, twin 8" Mount #3 barbette and associated bulkheads with open scuttles which will be visible through:
  • open A/T doors (doors available separately
  • open portholes (airports) properly sized and located
  • delicate exterior electrical cabling, properly positioned and routed
  • subtle, raised locators for searchlights, directors and 20mm Oerlikons
  • integrated, stowed boat booms (3), starboard side aft
  • heavy structural supports included
  • light structural supports, railings and ladders omitted, ready for your favorite photoetch

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1/144 USS Lexington CV-2 Funnel, May 1942, Battle of the Coral Sea

SKU: 144-CV2 Funnel 1942 Coral Sea