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Scale: 1/144

This model represents the bridge tower of celebrated aircraft carrier USS Lexington CV-2 as she appeared on the day of her sinking.  Lexington's aircraft, together with those of USS Yorktown CV-5, sank the Japanese aircraft carrier Shoho and crippled the Japanese aircraft carrier Shokaku during the first carrier vs. carrier battle in history.  This model captures features confirmed by examination of the wreck.


  • fully assembled
  • overall dimensions taken from US Navy Booklet of General Plans drawings
  • detail locations confirmed by careful study of photographs of the actual ship as it appeared in service and the wreck
  • proper asymmetrical deck shapes for Lexington (sistership Saratoga's decks were shaped differently)
  • accurate Spotting Top with open windows and dropped director platform shutters just as they were on May 8, 1942
  • upper top Fire Control Station (the large uppermost platform on top the tripod) includes supporting structural framing with lightening holes, subtle locator disks for rangefinders (not included) and splinter shielding of a slightly different shape than Saratoga's
  • open A/T doors (doors available separately)
  • open portholes (airports) properly sized and located
  • detailed interior barbette and associated bulkheads with open scuttles
  • heavy structural supports included
  • light structural supports, railings and ladders omitted

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1/144 USS Lexington CV-2 Island, May 1942, Battle of the Coral Sea

SKU: 144-CV2 Island 1942 Coral Sea