Notice: this model is intended for very advanced modelers.


Notice: due to their extraordinary size, Titanic funnels require an unusually long time to print.  Print time and high demand are causing significant production delays.  Please allow up to 20 days to produce your Titanic funnels, plus shipping.


This funnel is recommended for modelers who prefer to use their Titanic kit's exterior water and steam pipes, triple whistles and/or photo-etch funnel detail parts made by Pontos Model, KA Models, etc. (photo-etch is not included with these funnels).


A set of funnels with exterior pipes and triple whistles is available separately (click here).


Scale: 1/200

Includes your choice of 1 funnel.


Recommended for Trumpeter 1/200 scale RMS Titanic.  Can also be used with:

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This accurately shaped and highly detailed model represents one of four funnels of Olympic class White Star liner RMS Titanic.  It is also suitable for models of sisterships RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic.  The funnel is scaled from scans of Harland and Wolff builder's plans.



  • Fully assembled.
  • Seamless smoke pipe uptakes.
  • Accurate, extensive rivet detail, properly sized, numbered and located, with 15 vertical rows of rivets.  The Trumpeter kit's funnels' rivet detail is overly simplified with only 12 vertical rows, too few horzonatal rows, and far too few rivets overall.
  • Accurate funnel "stay eyes", also called "shroud brackets", properly shaped and located. The "stays" are a set of 12 cables, also called "shrouds", attached to each funnels' exterior.  The stays extend outward and downward from each funnel to the deck to stabilize and strengthen them.  The stays attach to "eyes" which are brackets bolted the funnel.
  • Accurate position of reinforcing bands.  For example, H&W drawings indicate that the upper black painted band on the actual funnel is 18'-6" tall, from the extreme top of the funnel to the bottom of the reinforcing band holding the stay eyes. In 1/200 scale, this measures to 28.346 mm. The bottom of the reinforcing band on the 3D-printed funnels' is designed to match this measurement, being precisely 28.346 mm below the top of the funnel.  The Trumpeter kit's reinforcing band is positioned noticeably too low, making the black band too tall.
  • Exterior water and steam pipes omitted - please use your kit's exterior piping and whistles.
  • Each funnel's height matches the height of corresponding 1/200 scale Trumpeter kit's funnels, except that the Trumpeter kit's instructions have the funnels in the wrong order. Matching funnel height is intended to help ensure a good fit with the Trumpeter kit's exterior piping and any other aftermarket products sized to fit the Trumpeter kit's funnels.
    • Funnel #1 height: front 91.95 mm, rear 86.89 mm
    • Funnel #2 height: front 95.83 mm, rear 90.50 mm
    • Funnel #3 height: same as Funnel #2
    • Funnel #4 height: front 93.84 mm, rear 88.88 mm
  • Accurate funnel cap interior with structural girders and braces.


Additional information for Titanic modelers is available from noted Titanic researcher Bob Read.


Removal or adjustment of the raised funnel locator areas of the Trumpeter kit's deckhouse roofs is required for best fit.  This scale model funnel is not a 3D-printed copies of any plastic, resin, wood or paper card model kit’s parts. This funnel may not be the same size and shape of your plastic, resin, wood or paper card model kit’s parts.


Notice: this set of models is intended for very advanced modelers.  Supporting sprue removal, especially from each funnel's cap's internal braces, is difficult.  A very sharp cutting instrument, care and patience are recommended when removing the sprues and during handling.


Tips for removing interior supporting sprues:  There are several interior sprues that are difficult to remove.  Funnels 1, 2 and 3 have two layers of horizontal braces and girders within the funnel cap.  (Most plastic kits only have the three braces of the top layer).  Interior funnel cap horizontal braces and girders are supported by vertical sprues.  Vertical sprues should be removed by the modeler.  Funnel 4 has a simpler interior arrangement of horizontal plates.

  1. From the top of Funnels 1-3, carefully clip the sprue contact points from the 3 uppermost horizontal braces.
  2. Cut away and discard the printing raft from the bottom of each funnel.  Leave the interior sprues connected at their tops to the braces and girders within the funnel cap.
  3. From the bottom of all four funnels, carefully, gently and slowly twist the interior vertical sprues to break them away from the lower level of horizontal braces and girders.  The contact points of those sprues are very small and weak.  With care, the vertical sprues will break away without damaging the horizontal braces and girders.


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1/200 single Titanic Funnel, no exterior pipes or whistles

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