This pair of models is only available from Shapeways.  Cage masts cannot be printed in gray resin.  See Shapeways' webpage for current price.  Link:


Scale: 1/225

Foremast and mainmast are sold separately.  Fighting tops are not included.


These accurately sized, shaped and highly detailed models represent the cage masts of Colorado and Tennessee class battleships as they appeared from the late 1930s through December 7th, 1941.

Overall dimensions scaled from official US Navy "Booklet of General Plans: USS West Virginia BB-48" dated November 30, 1939.  Details were adjusted to match high-resolution photos of the actual ship obtained from the National Archives by Mr. Martin J. Quinn.  Features include detailed supporting structure and service catwalks for the mainmast searchlight platform and ship's bell.

Install the mainmast so that the ship's bell is aft.

Foremast: 44.9 mm
Mainmast: 116.0 mm

Suitable for models of:

  • USS Tennessee BB-43
  • USS California BB-44
  • USS Colorado BB-45
  • USS Maryland BB-46
  • USS West Virginia BB-48

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1/225 Cage Masts for Tennessee class and Colorado class Battleships

SKU: 225-BB45 cage masts

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