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​This model represents the Oberursel Ur.II motor fit to the Fokker Dr.I Triplane and Fokker D.VIII aircraft of World War I.  The Fokker Triplane was flown by several aces, including Manfred von Richtofen, the "Red Baron" and Werner Voss*.


The 110 horsepower Oberursel Ur.II motor was a license-built copy of the Le Rhône 9J motor produced in France by Gnome et Rhône.  The Oberursel Ur.II motor was manufactured in Oberursel Germany, near Frankfurt (Main), by Motorenfabrik Oberursel.

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* Following Voss' death in combat while flying a Fokker Triplane, a British intelligence officer, Second Lieutenant Barfoot-Saunt, examined the wreckage of Voss' Triplane and reported that the engine was a French-manufactured Le Rhône 9J.

1/28 Fokker Dr.I Oberursel Ur.II Motor

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