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​This model represents the 110 horsepower Le Rhône 9J motor fit to many Sopwith Camel fighters of World War I.  Le Rhône 9J engines were built by Société des Moteurs Le Rhône, "Gnome et Rhône", in France and produced under license in Great Britain by W.H. Allen Son & Company of Bedford.


From Wikipedia: "The main visual difference between the 9J and the earlier, less powerful Le Rhône 9C engine is that the copper intake manifold tubing (with round section lower ends) on the 110 hp 9J is attached to the crankcase behind the cylinders, whereas on the 9C (80 hp) the intake manifolds (with rectangular lower ends) are fully visible from the front."


From the National Air and Space Museum (USA): "The Societe des Moteurs Gnome et Rhône built the Le Rhône Model I to power a variety of combat aircraft during World War 1, including the Nieuport 23, Hanriot HD.1 , SPAD A.2, Nieuport Triplane, [Sopwith Pup, Sopwith Camel] and Sopwith Triplane. The Model J is most famous for its connection to the Nieuport 17, the French fighter flown by aces Rene Fonck, William Bishop, Charles Nungesser, Albert Ball, and Georges Guynemer. The engine’s success prompted the Germans to try to salvage and duplicate Le Rhônes from downed French and British fighters. Many salvaged Le Rhônes and their German-built copies saw service in such fighters as the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane..."

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1/28 Sopwith Camel Le Rhône 9J Motor


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