Scale: 1/285.  This model kit was erroneously labeled as 1/292 scale from 1960 but corrected to 1/285 scale in Revell's 2009 boxing.

Includes 1 mount (turret) with barrels.

Recommended for:

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  • Revell 1/285 scale Wind class icebreaker USCG Cutter Eastwind  WAGB-279  


When built, Wind class icebreakers, such as USCG Cutters Northwind, Eastwind and Southwind, were originally fit with one or two 5"/38 twin-gun mounts.  Other ships of the class, such as USCGC Burton Island, USCGC Staten Island and USCGC Westwind, received single-gun 5"/38 Mk.30 mounts (available seperately) especially those ships that served in the Soviet Navy under Lend-Lease during World War II.  Consult your references to know which mounts you need for your ship.  

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Among naval historians, the US Navy 5"/38 caliber gun is considered the best intermediate-caliber, dual purpose naval gun of World War II.

From Wikipedia: "The Wind-class icebreakers were a line of diesel electric-powered icebreakers in service with the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Coast Guard and Soviet Navy from 1944 through the late 1970s. They were very effective ships: all except Eastwind served at least thirty years, and Northwind served in the USCG continuously for forty-four years. Considered the most technologically advanced icebreakers in the world when first built, the Wind-class icebreakers were also heavily armed; the first operator of the class was the United States Coast Guard, which used the vessels for much-needed coastal patrol off Greenland during World War II. Three of the vessels of the class, WestwindSouthwind, and the first Northwind all went on to serve temporarily for the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program, while two others were built for the United States Navy and another was built for the Royal Canadian Navy; all eight vessels were eventually transferred to the United States Coast Guard and the Canadian Coast Guard.

"The Wind-class ships were the first class of true icebreakers built by the United States. Gibbs & Cox of New York provided the designs with input from the Coast Guard's Naval Engineering Division. The final design was heavily influenced by studies conducted by then LCDR Edward Thiele, USCG (later RADM, and Engineer in Chief of the U.S. Coast Guard) of foreign icebreakers, namely the Swedish Ymer, built in 1931, and the Soviet Krasin.

"Seven ships of the class were built in the United States, and one modified version, HMCS Labrador, was built in Canada."

1/285 Revell USCG Icebreaker Twin-gun 5"/38 cal. Mount

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