Scale: 1/301

Set includes 2 mounts (turrets) with barrels.

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These two models represent the US Navy's 5 inch, 38 caliber single mount.  This "Heavyweight", or "Double Knuckle" version, was normally placed in locations where additional turret roof reinforcement was required as protection from the blast of guns firing overhead.  Fletcher class destroyers, when built, carried two of these mounts, both located on the main deck, one extreme forward and one extreme aft, known as Mounts 51 and 55.  

To complete your Fletcher model, you also need the three mounts located on the deckhouses (Mounts 52, 53 and 54).  "Single Knuckle" mounts of a slightly different shape are available separately.


  • overall dimensions made from official US Navy drawings
  • an asymmetrical gunhouse (turret)
  • accurately offset gun opening
  • slot for accurately offset gun barrel
  • detailed turret bottom supporting structure
  • rear vent 

These 3D-printed mounts are designed to match the overall dimensions of features of the real mounts as recorded in official Navy drawings.  They are not copies of any injection molded plastic or resin kits' parts and therefore may be differently shaped and sized.  Some adjustment to your kit, or other aftermarket products such as photoetch, may be necessary for best fit.

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1/301 Fletcher class 5"/38 cal. "Double-knuckle" Mounts, set of 2

SKU: 301-5inMk30-double-2

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