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​This model represents the early-type, long-span, dihedral tailplanes fit to Bristol Beaufighters, Mk.IIf, Mk.VIc, Mk.VIf, Mk.X, TF Mk.X, TT Mk.X and Mk.21, etc., and retrofit to some Mk.I aircraft. 


Beaufighters were found in service to have some lateral instability during take-off and landing.  To help correct this problem, the configuration of the original flat tailplanes was changed, increasing their span to 20 feet 5 inches, and giving them a dihedral of 12.5 degrees.


The late-type dihedral tailplanes, available separately, had larger elevators (the leading edge inboard of the hinge was moved forward).  Tailplane type vaired from aircraft to aircraft.  Please consult your references to learn which type is correct for your model.


This set includes separate elevators and balance tabs.  Beaufighter elevators have two tabs at the trailing edge.  The inboard tab is the "trim tab".  On a real aircraft, the trim tab is adjusted by the pilot.  The outboard tab is called the "balance tab" or "servo tab".  When assembling your tailplanes, note that balance tabs function differently than trim tabs.  Balance tabs move in the opposite direction of the elevators.  To help you set your balance tabs in the correct position, see photos of real Beaufighters and:


When assembling your tailplanes, ensure that the tabs' control horns are on the upper surface. 


If you need to clean these parts, isopropyl alcohol or mild dishwashing soap in warm water is recommened.  Do not use acetone or acetate (found in acetone-free nail polish remover).  Acetone and acetate can melt 3D-printed plastic.

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1/32 Bristol Beaufighter Dihedral Tailplanes (early)

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