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Scale: 1/32

This model represents the fairwater of USS Balao SS-285, the first of 122 World War Two-era Balao class submarines, successor to the Gato class.


The Balao class had a differently shaped fairwater (sail/conning tower) than the earlier Gato class although the hull was nearly identical externally. This model has features specific to USS Balao SS-285 as it appeared during 1945. It can be adapted to other boats of the class with similar features.


Because of the very large size of this model, periscope shears, radar mast, hatches and ready service ammunition locker doors are available separately.

Shears and mast:

Hatches and locker doors:

Although details varied widely between boats, the persicope shears and radar mast configuration depicted by this model is known to have been fit to the following Balao class boats:

  • SS-285 Balao
  • SS-286 Billfish
  • SS-287 Bowfin
  • SS-288 Cabrilla
  • SS-291 Crevalle
  • SS-297 Ling
  • SS-308 Apogon
  • SS-311 Archerfish
  • SS-319 Becuna
  • SS-321 Besugo
  • SS-383 Pampanito
  • SS-384 Parche
  • SS-402 Sea Fox
  • SS-404 Spikefish
  • SS-409 Piper
  • SS-413 Spot
  • SS-415 Stickleback
  • SS-426 Tusk

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1/32 USS Balao SS-285 Fairwater (1945)

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