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Scale: 1/350

Recommended to help build the King George V class battleship HMS Duke of York as she appeared in 1945 from:

  • Mini Hobby Models 1/350 scale HMS King George V
  • Tamiya 1/350 scale HMS King George V
  • and more!


The handsome ships of the UK's World War II-era King George V class are  among the last Royal Navy battleships.  All had terrific service records.  HMS Duke of York is best remembered for her part in the sinking of the German battleship Scharnhorst in December, 1943 off the northern coast of Norway.  Like many warships, each ship of the class is slightly different in appearance. 

This model features the extended searchlight platform that provided a firing position for an additional twin-20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannon. This part is needed to convert your model to HMS Duke of York as she appeared after her 1944-45 refit during her British Pacific Fleet service.  


  • proper asymmetrical shape when viewed from above
  • integrated, open venturi (wind deflector)
  • extensive rivet detail
  • detailed underside trunking and supporting structures with lightening holes


This model is a direct replacement for the following Tamiya kits' parts:

  • HMS King George V :  B15, B16, F19, B17 and B18

Depending on which model kit you have, some minor adjustment to the part may be needed for best fit.


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1/350 HMS Duke of York Aft Funnel with Oerlikon Platform, 1945

SKU: 350-DoY-Aft Funnel