Scale: 1/400

Set includes 3 turrets with barrels.


Recommended for​:

  • Hapdong Tech 1/400 scale USS Missouri BB-63
  • JSC 1/400 scale USS Iowa BB-61


This set of three-gun turrets (more properly called a "gunhouse") was specifically designed for the Iowa class battleships of the U.S. Navy, and later intended for the even larger Montana class battleships, mounted three 16-inch/50 caliber Mark 7 naval rifles. This was the largest naval turret and gun used operationally by any US Navy warship. The Iowa class carried three of these huge turrets. The Montana class would have carried four.


  • dimensions scaled from official US Navy blueprints and confirmed by measurements taken from actual gunhouses on the real ships
  • armored rangefinder hexhead bolt and domed screw details
  • rooftop screwheads accurately sized, numbered and positioned
  • asymmetrically positioned turret-bottom ventilation trunks (as-built 1943-1945 configuration)
  • asymmetrically positioned turret-bottom crew access hatches

This turret is suitable for:

  • BB-61 USS Iowa
  • BB-62 USS New Jersey
  • BB-63 USS Missouri
  • BB-64 USS Wisconsin
  • BB-65 USS Kentucky
  • BB-66 USS Illinois

Montana Class

  • BB-67 USS Montana
  • BB-68 USS Ohio
  • BB-69 USS Maine
  • BB-70 USS New Hampshire
  • BB-71 USS Louisiana

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Regarding the Mark 7 gun, from Wikipedia: "These guns were 50 calibers long—or 50 times their 16-inch (406 mm) bore diameter which makes the barrels 66.6 feet (20 m) long, from breechface to muzzle. Each gun weighed about 239,000 pounds (108,000 kg) without the breech, or 267,900 pounds (121,517 kg) with the breech. They fired projectiles weighing from 1,900 to 2,700 pounds (850 to 1,200 kg) at a maximum speed of 2,690 feet per second (820 m/s) with a range of up to 24 miles (39 km). At maximum range the projectile spent almost 1½ minutes in flight. Each turret required a crew of 79 men to operate. The turrets themselves cost US$1.4 million each, to which the cost of the guns had to be added."

1/400 Iowa class 16"/50 cal. Turrets

SKU: 400-BB61turrets

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