Scale 1/600

Recommended for:

  • Aurora 1/600 scale USS St. Paul  CA-73 (1962 release)
  • Aurora 1/600 scale USS St. Paul  CA-73 (1972 release)

Set includes 4 early Mk.34 directors, 4 late Mk.34 directors, and 8 Mk.13 radar antennas.  Caution is recommended when removing the directors from the sprue; acrylic plastic is brittle. 

This set of 8 directors and 8 antennas represents two types of Mk.34 directors fit to ships of the Brooklyn class, St. Louis class, Cleveland class, Baltimore class, and rebuilt pre-war battleships of the Tennessee and Colorado classes.  It was also fit to USS St. Louis CL-49 and others.  Four of each type are included.  Please check your references to know which of the two types is accurate for your model.  


Some directors were fit with airfoil-shaped Mk.13 radar antennas which are included in this set.  Again, please check your references to know if this antenna is accurate for your model.   No photo-etch is included.  If desired, please use your own favorite photo-etch set for catwalks, railings and radar supporting framework.

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1/600 Mk.34 Fire Control Directors and Mk.13 Radar Antennas

SKU: 600-Mk34withMk13

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