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Scale: 1/64   (3/16 inch = 1 foot)


Recommended for:

  • Caldercraft 1/64 scale HMS Diana
  • Model Shipways 1/64 scale USS Syren
  • and more!


This model represents one type of 18th-19th Century ship's wheel, the kind normally fit to frigates, sloops and brigs such as USS Constitution, USS Constellation, HMS Guerriere, HMS Surprise, HMS Bounty, etc.   For those modeling USS Constitution, note that the ship's wheel appearing on Old Ironsides today is not the original wheel.  The ship's original wheel was shot away during her battle with HMS Java.

A type of wheel for larger ships-of-the-line is available separately.

Features of this model match scaled dimensions and shapes published in "Anatomy of the Ship: The Frigate Diana" by David White and "Anatomy of the Ship: The 74-gun Ship Bellona" by Brian Lavery.

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1/64 Ship's Wheel (Helm) for Frigates, Sloops, etc.

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