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Scale: 1/72

Recommended for Southern Cross Models' 1/72 scale US FLETCHER Class hull

The 2,050-ton Fletcher class was one of the most successful wartime and post-war destroyer classes of the US Navy and arguably the most significant class in the Pacific war.  175 ships of the class were produced over a 32-month period during World War II.  They were produced in two groups:  58 were built with a high, "Round Bridge" and 117 (two-thirds of the class) were completed with a low, "Square Bridge" which afforded better visibility for anti-aircraft defense.  Several Fletchers served in foreign navies, the last, Mexico's Cuitl¡huac, the former USS John Rodgers, retired in 2001.

This bridge deck model is designed for Fletchers with the square bridge.  Consult your resources to be sure which type you need.


  • accurately scaled from scans of the original Bath Iron Works builder's plans
  • open venturi (wind deflector) 
  • detailed, integrated torpedo directors (two)
  • integrated peloruses (two)
  • integrated Mk.51 Director stands (two) - Mk.51 Directors NOT included
  • subtle locator pins to place the Pilot House (available separately)
  • outline of "Radio Central/CIC" station on deck bottom to aid in positioning the deck onto "Radio Central/CIC", the station immediately below the deck

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1/72 Fletcher class "Square Bridge" Deck (no CIC)

SKU: 72-Fletcher-square bridge deck-no CIC

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