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Scale: 1/48

Includes 1 turret, no barrels.  Barrels are available separately.


This scale Twin 14 inch/45 caliber Gun Turret is designed for models of New York class battleships USS New York BB-34 and USS Texas BB-35.  These ships had five twin turrets.  This version represents the three turrets located on the main deck.


  • scaled from actual builders blueprints of the turret, dated 1914, and US Navy Bureau of Ordnance pamphlet O.P. 1112, 2nd Revision, dated January, 1945
  • measurements and location of features confirmed from wartime photos of USS New York and USS Texas BB-35 and present-day photos of Texas preserved as a museum ship
  • accurate turret side and glacis curvature
  • properly raised turret roof panel
  • detailed turret roof access hatches with dog and hinge detail
  • turret roof rain gutter/deflector just aft of the glacis
  • subcaliber training device mounting plate located just aft of the glacis on the turret roof
  • roof-mounted periscope base properly located off-center
  • accurately positioned and shaped gun openings with buckler (bloomer/blast bag) attachment frames
  • crew access hatch (aka "Armored Grating Hatch") on turret bottom overhang, with hydraulic piston and hinge detail.  Main deck turrets are correctly hinged to the front.  Superfiring turrets are correctly hinged to the rear.

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1/48 USS New York BB-34 and USS Texas BB-35 Turret 1, 3 or 5

SKU: 48-BB34 and BB35 Turret 1, 3 or 5