Scale: 1/96

Set includes 6 cannons.  Carriages not included.


These models represent the 1.7 ton (1.54 tonne), 7.5 foot, Blomefield 1780-pattern, 12-pounder cannons fit to early 19th Century Royal Navy ships-of-the-line such as the 104-gun HMS Victory.  Known as "short 12-pounders", Victory carried 12 of these weapons on the quarter deck.


The models feature King George monograms.

Although there were minor variations among real cannons, these models' scaled dimensions and details match dimensions from tables published in "British Smooth-bore Artillery: a Technological Study to Support Identification, Acquisition, Restoration, Reproduction, and Interpretation of Artillery at National Historic Parks in Canada" by David McConnell.  Their details were matched to those of surviving cannon. 


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1/96 Royal Navy 12-pounder Cannons, Blomefield 1790 "short-pattern" (set of 6)

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