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Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)


This model represents the USS Pennsylvania BB-38 "01 Level" superstructure, the former boat deck and 5"/51 cal. casemate gun positions, heavily modified to accept eight twin-gun 5"/38 cal. mounts (turrets).

Instructions describing how to build USS Pennsylvania are not provided with this product when shipped to you.  Please study the images shown in the carousel on this webpage to learn where each part goes, as well as online references such as photographs of USS Pennsylvania BB-38 found on

A set of detailed, scale plans of USS Pennsylvania as she appeared in 1945 are available from "The Floating Drydock" (click here).


  • overall dimensions and features scaled from official US Navy drawings.  Overall dimensions match scaled drawings by Thomas Walkowiak with details and funnel shape adjusted to match high-resolution photographs of the actual ship
  • accurately shaped deck, vents, and Bofors tub' splinter shields
  • planked deck with outer waterways. planking pattern and extents match high-resolution photos
  • recesses in planking for forward superstructure tower, funnel and aft superstructure tower, available separately
  • recess for funnel is an accurate ellipse, not an incorrect oval with slab sides, and matches the footprint of the Model Monkey-designed funnel available separately
  • pedestals for eight 5"/38 cal Mk.32 twin-gun mounts (turrets) accurately sized and positioned (5"/38 cal. mounts available separately)
  • doors of the correct 3-bar type accurately located, some doors open, with chevron-shaped rain deflectors
  • skylights and hatches accurately sized and located
  • raised tubs for Mk.51 and Mk.57 directors accurately located with splinter shields (directors not included)
  • accurate portholes of the correct size (12" and 16"), properly positioned, with rigol (eyebrow) detail
  • accurately located and integrated 20mm Oerlikon ready service ammunition lockers
  • small, subtle raised locator disks marking two 20mm Oerlikon positions at the aft outer corners (20mm Oerlikons not included)
  • accurately shaped and positioned quadruple 40mm Bofors tubs with subtle raised locator discs (quadruple 40mm Bofors mounts not included)
  • integrated barbette for 14"/45 cal. triple-gun turret (14"/45 cal. turrets available separately)


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1/96 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 01 Level, 1945

SKU: 96-BB38 01 Level