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Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 2 funnels, the forward funnel and the aft funnel.

Recommended to help build either USS Quincy CA-39 or USS Vincennes CA-44 from The Scale Shipyard 1/96 scale USS San Francisco CA-38, and others.

This model kit represents the funnels of New Orleans class heavy cruisers USS Quincy CA-39 and USS Vincennes CA-44 as they appeared in 1942.  The funnels of these two ships were smaller than their sisters. 


  • overall dimensions and features scaled from official US Navy Booklets of General Plans drawings for each ship
  • accurately shaped steam pipes
  • open smoke pipe, hollow all the way through

Notice: this product is available in different materials.  If you choose to have this product printed in the more economical "White Natural Versatile Plastic", please be advised that "White Natural Versatile Plastic" is a kind of nylon and will have noticeable striations (print lines).  This material is waterproof and durable, a very good choice for Radio Control models where durability is important.  When compared to "Fine Detail" acrylic plastic, also available, sharp edges appear less defined and more rounded when printed.  Being nylon, "White Natural Versatile Plastic" is generally not sandable and fewer types of paint will adhere to it.  Care is recommended in choosing a paint that will adhere to, and fully cure upon, nylon.  Google "paint for nylon" and "primer for nylon" to find several good choices.

To help smooth "White Natural Versatile Plastic" surfaces, apply thin layers of primer meant specifically for nylon.  Allow the primer to harden. Then smooth the hardened primer.

For static display models where surface smoothness and detail are more important, please choose "Fine Detail" acrylic plastic instead.  "Fine Detail" acrylic plastic is comparatively brittle.  Therefore, it is not recommended for Radio Control models.  Compared to "White Natural Versatile Plastic", a kind of nylon also available, "Fine Detail" acrylic plastic produces sharper edges, details that are more defined, and the surface is much smoother with this product.  "Fine Detail" acrylic plastic is sandable,  cuts easily, and is compatible with more kinds of paint. 

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1/96 USS Quincy or USS Vincennes Funnels

SKU: 96-Quincy-Vincennes-funnels