This 3-part model is only available from Shapeways.  It cannot be printed in gray resin.  Click on the links below to buy this model.


Click here for Part 1 (signal deck)

Click here for Part 2 (flag bridge)

Click here for Part 3 (navigation bridge, air defense station and mast)

Scale: 1/96   (1/8 inch = 1 foot)


These 3D-printed parts are intended to help you convert your World War Two-era Baltimore class heavy cruiser model kit to USS Saint Paul CA-73 as she appeared during the Vietnam War.  USS Saint Paul was the most decorated ship of the Baltimore class.

This is NOT a complete conversion kit.  These parts are designed to represent only the upper, forward superstructure of the ship.  These parts include the enclosed navigation bridge, enclosed flag bridge, their associated decks, the open air defense platform, and the enlarged foremast. 

Overall dimensions of this design are based on official US Navy drawings of sistership USS Los Angeles CA-135 adjusted to match high-resolution photographs of USS St. Paul (USS Los Angeles had slightly different features).  Copies of sistership USS Los Angeles plans can be obtained from The Floating Drydock (click here).

Assembly instructions are not provided with this product when shipped to you.  Please study the images shown in the carousel on this webpage to learn where each part goes, as well as online references such as photographs of USS Saint Paul CA-73 found on NavSource (click here).

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1/96 USS St. Paul CA-73 Enclosed Bridges, 1968

SKU: 96-CA73 Bridges

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