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Scale: 1/144

Includes 1 turret with barrels.

This three-gun turret (more properly called a "gunhouse") represents the enormous main battery of the Iowa class battleships.  This set is suitable for models of USS Iowa BB-61, USS New Jersey BB-62, USS Missouri BB-63, USS Wisconsin BB-64 and the incomplete USS Kentucky BB-65 and USS Illinois BB-66. 

This model is also suitable for the proposed Montana class battleships which would have been fit with 4 of these enormous turrets.


  • dimensions scaled from scans of original builder's blueprints and confirmed by measurements taken from actual gunhouses on the real ships
  • barrels integrated with a trunnion permitting the modeler to set the barrels to any realistic elevation from +45 degrees to -2 degrees, just like the real turrets
  • open armored rangefinder viewport shutters
  • rangefinders with telescopic sights visible through the open shutters of the armored covers
  • armored rangefinder hexhead bolt and domed screw details
  • detailed rooftop periscopes
  • asymmetrical underside ventilation trunks (as-built 1943-1945 configuration)
  • detailed turret-bottom crew access hatches
  • turret roof plate screws, properly numbered, sized and located


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Iowa class and Montana class 16"/50 Turret

SKU: 144-Iowa and Montana class 16"/50 Turret

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