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Who is Model Monkey®?

We are scale modelers just like you.  We opened in August, 2015 and since our first day in business, Model Monkey has been bringing exceptionally accurate and highly detailed 3D-printed products to advanced scale modelers world-wide.   

Model Monkey is a family-run, veteran-owned small business.  We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of excellent models is available.  Presently, we offer over 3000 products including nameplates for over 2000 modeling subjects such as ships, boats, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles, space shuttle orbiters and science fiction space ships.

Nearly all of our models are 3D-printed by us in our own workshop in gray acrylic resinNameplates are 3D-printed in your choice of various real metals or inexpensive, paintable white acrylic plastic.


Our gray resin scale models are 3D-printed on our own 3D printers in our workshop in North Carolina, USA using high-end, state-of-the-art 3D-printing technology.  Click here to learn more about our 3D-printed gray resin plastic and support removal advice.  Metal and acrylic plastic nameplates, models that are too big for our own 3D printers, and designs that are not suitable for our own 3D printers, are sold by another 3D-printing company called Shapeways (click here).  Shapeways prints large Model Monkey designs and nameplates at Shapeways' factories in New York, USA, and Eindhoven, Netherlands, or by Shapeways' partners world-wide.





We design our models using sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software from the most authoritative references.   Our designs are developed from:

  • high-resolution scans of original manufacturers' blueprints, builders' and shipyard blueprints, and technical publications published or held by:

    • Australian War Memorial

    • Bath Iron Works

    • Blohm+Voss

    • The Boeing Company

    • Bristol Aeroplane Company

    • Bundesmuseum, Germany

    • Bureau d'études de l'Atelier d'Issy-les-MoulineauX  "AMX",  France

    • Deutsche Werk

    • Harland & Wolff

    • Imperial War Museum, United Kingdom

    • Messerschmitt AG

    • North American Aviation

    • Royal Air Force

    • Royal Navy

    • Supermarine

    • US Air Force

    • US Army

    • US Army Air Forces

    • US Coast Guard

    • US Marine Corps

    • US National Archives

    • US Navy

    • and more

  • measurements taken directly from surviving artifacts and museum aircraft, tanks and ships

Many of our designs benefit from the gracious assistance and advice of subject-matter experts, museum staff, researchers and noted historians.

We gladly accept requests for custom text on metal or plastic nameplates.

We do not accept requests for new products, alterations to existing designs, free research, or free products.

Our *.stl files are not for sale.

Everyone at Model Monkey is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 including boosters.


Model Monkey makes periodic donations to our local emergency food pantry, the "Red Cross", "Save the Children", and "Hope for Ukraine" to help those in need.


Disclaimer: Model Monkey produces a wide variety of scale models representing historically significant subjects intended for hobbyists, educational institutions and museums.  Subjects are selected based on historical significance without regard to political or cultural ideologies.  Model Monkey rejects and condemns any political or cultural ideology that promotes harm, hatred, or exploitation of anyone, anywhere.

Legal: Model Monkey is registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of North Carolina, USA.  The name "Model Monkey" is our legal trademark, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Have fun.  Monkey around.

Model Monkey 1-96 14in45 New York and Te
Model Monkey 1-350 New York and Texas 14

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