Scale: 1/10.5

​This model represents the early configuration of the World War Two-era, British-designed Mk II reflector gunsight normally fit to Grumman F6F-3 and F6F-5 Hellcat fighters, and F4U Corsair fighters. In US service, the gunsight was known as the "Mk.8".


The model includes the mount for the F6F Hellcat.


From "In 1941, the US Navy adopted the British GM2 Gunsight (designated the Fixed gun Reflector Sight Mk II) as the basis of their new standard Gunsight (designated the Mark 8 Illuminated Sight) for fighter and attack planes equipped with fixed forward-firing guns."


This model does not include the glass reflector plate of the real gunsight.


This model was designed by Brian Hannah.

Model © Brian Hannah.  Model made available through Model Monkey by permission.  This 3D-printed item may not be copied or recast. 

1/10.5 Gunsight Mk.8 with Mount for F6F-3/5 Hellcat

SKU: 10.5 Gunsight with mount F6F Hellcat