Scale 1/1250

Set includes 3 turrets.  No barrels.


Recommended for:

  • Navis-Neptun 1/1250 scale USS Baltimore CA-68 (1943)
  • Navis-Neptun 1/1250 scale USS St. Paul CA-73 (1944)
  • Navis-Neptun 1/1250 scale USS Los Angeles CA-135

This accurately shaped and highly detailed set represents the three 8 inch 55 caliber triple turret main battery of the US Navy's Baltimore class and Oregon City class heavy cruisers as they appeared during and shortly after World War Two.  Vietnam War-era-appearance turrets are available separately.


  • designed according to official US Navy Bureau of Ordnance publication O.P. 1112 dated 15 January 1945
  • accurate shape
  • detailed rangefinder and viewfinder hoods
  • accurately sized, positioned and numbered rangefinder and viewfinder hood bolt-head details
  • blast bag (also known as buckler, bloomer) attachment rings
  • turret roof viewfinder hood doors correctly offset to the left

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1/1250 Baltimore class and Oregon City class Turrets (WWII-era)

SKU: 1250-CA68-turrets

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