Scale: 1/128     (3/32 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 4 directors.

Recommended to help build HMS Duke of York, HMS Howe or an early HMS Anson from the Fleetscale 1/128 scale King George V (KGV) Class Hull.


This set of models represents the Royal Navy's Mark V HACS Fire Control Directors.

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From Wikipedia: "High Angle Control System (HACS) was a British anti-aircraft fire-control system employed by the Royal Navy from 1931 onwards and used widely during World War II. HACS calculated the necessary deflection required to place an explosive shell in the location of a target flying at a known height, bearing and speed.

"HACS V: Improved design, partially enclosed, complete stabilization for elevation and training. Keelavite system of power training, and GRU. Duplex 15 ft HF/RF. Uses Mk IV table. Installed on HMS Duke of YorkAnson and Howe."

1/128 HACS Mk.V Directors

SKU: 128-HACS-MkV-4

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