Scale 1/144

Set includes 2 mounts (turrets) with barrels.

The 5"/54 caliber Mark 41 twin-gun mount (turret) was a proposed, late World War II–era dual-purpose naval gun mount designed specifically for the never-built Montana-class battleships.  Using two 5"/54 caliber Mk.16 cannons, they were intended to replace the 5"/38 caliber secondary gun batteries then in widespread use with the US Navy.

No official plans, drawings or photos of mock-ups of the proposed 5"/54 cal. Mk.41 twin-gun mount's gunhouse are known to exist.  This 3D-printed design is a theoretical enlargement of the very real Mk.16 single-gun mount fit to Midway-class aircraft carriers and later installed in the Japanese Akizuki-class and Murasame-class destroyers from 1958 to 1959.  Sources indicate that the Mk.41 twin-gun mount would have carried the same gun as the Mk.16 single-gun mount.


  • detailed mount captain blast hood
  • separate trunnions with integrated barrels to allow the modeler to choose any realistic elevation from +85 degrees to -15 degrees
  • crew access hatches and maintenance hatches with hinge and bolt-head details
  • accurately sized and located bolt-heads, consistent with the Mk.16 mount
  • detailed traverse limiter on the lower glacis, consistent with the Mk.16 mount
  • integrated barbette

To assemble the mounts, insert the barrels through the open bottom.

Montana Class:

  • BB-67 USS Montana
  • BB-68 USS Ohio
  • BB-69 USS Louisiana
  • BB-70 USS New Hampshire
  • BB-71 USS Maine

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1/144 Montana class 5"/54 cal. Mk.41 Mounts


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