SScale: 1/192 (1/16 inch = 1 foot)  

Includes 1 turret with barrels.

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GPM 1/200 scale USS West Virginia BB-48 (1941).

These models represent the modified appearance of the 16"/45 caliber main battery of the Colorado class battleships USS Colorado BB-45, USS Maryland BB-46 and USS West Virginia BB-48.  At various times during the service lives of the Colorado class battleships, external vent trunks were added to turrets 1, 2 and 4.  These 3D-printed turrets are suitable for all ships of the class after the addition of external vent trunks.  For example, while anchored at Pearl Harbor on "Battleship Row", USS Maryland BB-46 had three of its turrets in this configuration on the morning of December 7th, 1941 (Turret #3 did not have vents).  A turret without vent trunks is available separately. 


  • accurately scaled from official US Navy drawings
  • accurate shape - these are not Tennessee class turrets with two guns
  • closed armored rangefinder viewport shutters
  • rooftop screwheads acurately sized, numbered and located
  • armored rangefinder hexhead bolt and screw details
  • accurately sized and shaped ventilation trunks for Turrets 1, 2 and 4.  Turret 3, the aft superfiring turret, did not have external vent trunks.  A ventless turret is available separately.

These 3D-printed acrylic parts are designed to accurately represent features of the real turret based on official US Navy drawings.  These turrets are not 3D-printed copies of any paper card, plastic or resin kit's parts and therefore may be shaped and sized differently than those parts.  Some adjustment to your kit's parts or other aftermarket parts such as photo-etch or wood decks may be necessary for best fit. 


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1/192 USS Colorado, USS Maryland and USS West Virginia 16"/45 Turret with vents

SKU: 192-BB45 turret barrels vents-1