Scale 1/192   (1/16 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 2 directors.  


This set of models represents the late, enclosed Mk.33 gunfire control director as it appeared during World War Two.  Mk.33 directors were fit to many US Navy ships of several classes of cruisers and destroyers:

  • Bagley class destroyers
  • Benham class destroyers
  • Brooklyn class light cruisers
  • Dunlap class destroyers
  • Gridley class destroyers
  • Mahan class destroyers
  • New Mexico class battleships
  • New Orleans class heavy cruisers (including USS San Francisco)
  • Northampton class heavy cruisers
  • Pensacola class heavy cruisers
  • Porter class destroyers
  • Portland class heavy cruisers including USS Indianapolis CA-35
  • Somers class destroyers
  • St. Louis class light cruisers


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1/192 Mk.33 Fire Control Director, late, enclosed

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