Scale: 1/192     (1/16 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 2 winches.  


    These models represent a standard type of winch used to raise and lower 26' whale boats as fit to US Navy warships during and after World War Two.  Boat winches were supplied to the US Navy from several manufacturers and details varied widely.  


    This design is patterned after the boat winches that appear on board the Fletcher class destroyers USS Kidd DD-661, preserved as a museum ship at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and USS The Sullivans DD-537, preserved as a museum ship at Buffalo, New York.


    These boat winches are NOT the deck winches that appear astride Turret #3 on fast battleships like USS Missouri.  Deck winches fit to fast battleships are considerably larger than boat winches.  Some USS Missouri BB-63 plans erroneously label the deck winches astride Turret #3 as boat winches. 

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      1/192 Boat Winches for handling 26' Whale Boats

      SKU: 192-winchesUSN-2

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