Scale: 1/192   (1/16 inch = 1 foot)

Set includes 2 turrets: 1 twin-gun 8"/55 cal. turret and 1 triple-gun 8"/55 cal. turret.  No barrels.

Two sets are required to complete one model.  


This two-turret set (more properly called "gunhouses"), is designed to accurize any 1/700 scale USS Pensacola CA-24 or USS Salt Lake City CA-25 heavy cruiser model kit.  Depending on which kit you own, some adjustment may be needed for best fit.


  • overall dimensions precisely scaled from US Navy O.P.1112 (2nd Rev.) "Gun Mount and Turret Catalog" drawings dated 15 January 1945
  • correct gunhouse roof geometry
  • accurately shaped armored rangefinder hoods
  • four crew access doors and 172 hex-head exterior bolts properly positioned, sized and correctly placed according to photos of the actual turrets
  • separate trunnion, slotted for your favorite brass barrels (not included) to allow you to position the guns to any realistic elevation from -5 degrees to +40 degrees just like the real turret


The US Navy installed two 8"/55 caliber Triple-gun Turrets and two 8"/55 caliber Twin-gun Turrets on the ships of the Pensacola class heavy cruisers of World War II fame:

  • USS Pensacola CA-24
  • USS Salt Lake City CA-25


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1/192 USS Pensacola CA-24 and USS Salt Lake City CA-35 8"/55 cal. Turret

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