Scale: 1/200

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  • Trumpeter 1/200 scale USS Missouri BB-63
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  • and more!


This set of model anchors is patterned on the US Navy's standard 30,000 pound anchors used on battleships and large cruisers, especially those of the Iowa class, South Dakota class, North Carolina class and Alaska class, from before World War Two through Desert Storm.  They likely would have been carried by the battleships of the Montana class.   

A set of 3 anchors for earlier battleships such as USS Arizona, USS Pennsylvania, USS New York, USS Texas, USS Nevada, USS Oklahoma, USS California and USS Tennessee is available separately.

Assembly instructions: remove all parts from the sprue, insert the shank through the bottom of the anchor.  Do not glue the shank to the anchor.  A small retaining pin is needed to hold the shank in the crown (the bottom of the flukes).  This part is too small in diameter to be printed.  Use another material such as a small wire, 0.4mm in diameter.  Insert your retaining pin through the small hole at the bottom of the anchor and glue in place.  The shank will then swivel freely.

These parts are designed for a tight fit.  While producing exceptional detail, acrylic plastic is extremely brittle and breaks easily.  Trim parts, if necessary, rather than force them into place.

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1/200 Anchors for US Navy Fast Battleships (USS Missouri BB-63, etc.)

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