Scale: 1/200

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This accurately shaped and detailed model represents the original catapult pedestal and small aircraft hangar of the German battleship Gneisenau as the ship appeared from commissioning through Operation "Berlin" in early 1941. A correctly shaped and highly detailed 3D-printed Admiral's Bridge specific to Gneisenau in 1941 is available separately.

This model is scaled to represent the features of the actual ship based on the best, authoritative references available. It is NOT a 3D-printed copy of any plastic, resin or paper card kit's parts therefore it may be sized and shaped differently than the parts in your plastic, resin or paper card kit. Some adjustment to your kit's parts or other aftermarket sets such as photo etch or wood decks may be needed for best fit.

The catapult is not included.


  • accurately shaped
  • accurately sized and positioned vents, vent trunks, and portholes
  • delicate searchlight platform structural supports
  • exterior cable detail
  • accurately sized, shaped and positioned door with hinge details


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1/200 Gneisenau Hangar and Catapult Pedestal, 1938-1941, "Operation Berlin"

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