Scale: 1/200

Set includes 6 tubs (also known as "zarebas").

Recommended for 1/200 scale US Navy, Royal Navy and Commonwealth navies, US Coast Guard and US Merchant Marine World War II- and Korean War-era model ships.


This set of models represents typical 10' diameter (3.048 meter), 48" tall (121.9 cm), shields protecting single-gun 20 mm Oerlikon cannons and their crews.

During World War Two, many allied ships were fit with 20mm Oerlikon cannons, usually employed in the anti-aircraft and anti-submarine role.  On surface ships, these weapons and their crews were often protected by a circular steel shield and platform called a "gun tub" or "zareba". 


These 3D-printed models represent the tubs with a flat bottom.


  • splinter shielding and floor just 0.5 mm thin
  • height = 6.096 mm
  • inner diameter = 14.24 mm
  • outer diameter = 15.24 mm


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1/200 Tubs for 20mm Oerlikon Cannons, flat bottom

SKU: 200-tubs Oerlikon flat-6

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