Scale: 1/200

Set includes 2 directors.

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These accurately sized, shaped and highly detailed models represent the Mark 19 Gun Fire Directors found on many US Navy battleships and cruisers from 1941-1942.  They are famously featured on all of the battleships present at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 such as USS Arizona BB-39.  

Overall dimensions match scaled drawings by the late Alan B. Chesley.  Details are specific to USS Arizona BB-39 and were confirmed from careful study of photographs of Mk.19 directors from the National Archives, wreck photos of USS Arizona BB-39 and 1942 refit photos of USS Pennsylvania BB-38.  Information about these directors is available from Researcher@Large (click here).

 Ships known to have carried Mark 19 directors include:

  • USS Nevada BB-36
  • USS Oklahoma BB-37
  • USS Pennsylvania BB-38
  • USS Arizona BB-39
  • USS Tennessee BB-43
  • USS California BB-44
  • USS Colorado BB-45
  • USS Maryland BB-46
  • USS West Virginia BB-48
  • USS Pensacola CA-24
  • USS Salt Lake City CA-25
  • USS Augusta CA-31
  • USS Chester CA-27
  • USS Chicago CA-29

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1/200 Mk.19 Fire Control Directors

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