Scale: 1/200

Set includes 2 turrets with barrels.  Two sets are needed to complete one USS Arizona BB-39 model ship.


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These scale Triple 14 inch/45 caliber Gun Turrets are designed for models of the original configuration of Pennsylvania class battleship USS Arizona BB-39, as the ship appeared from 1916-1928.  These model turrets were patterned from Bureau of Ordnance drawing O.P. 1112 (2nd Revision) dated January 15, 1945 as well as drawings by Alan B. Chesley modified to match photos of the actual turrets as they appeared when first built.


  • accurately shaped and dimensioned gunhouse and barrel length scaled from official US Navy drawings from O.P. 1112 dated January, 1945
  • detailed, as-built (smaller) rangefinder hoods with closed viewports
  • to-scale thickness of glacis
  • properly shaped gun openings for the original elevation of +15 degrees
  • correctly shaped buckler (bloomer/blastbag) attachment collars on glacis
  • barrels integrated with trunnions, printed separately to permit the modeler to select any elevation from -5 degrees to +15 degrees, just like the real guns
  • trunnion accurately positioned within the gunhouse according to US Navy O.P. 1112 drawings providing a correct center of rotation
  • accurate bolts and screwheads, properly positioned
  • accurate and detailed asymmetrical rooftop periscopes
  • turret bottom access hatch
  • accurate turret apron with the correct number of gusset plates and attachment rivets


These 3D-printed acrylic parts are designed to accurately represent features of the actual ship based on authoritative plans.  They are not 3D-printed copies of inaccurate plastic kit parts and therefore are shaped and sized a bit differently.  Some adjustment to your plastic kit's parts or other aftermarket parts such as photoetch or wood decks may be necessary for best fit.

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From Wikipedia: "The 14"/45 caliber gun, (technically naval rifles) whose variations were known initially as the Mark 1, 2, 3, and 5, and later as the Mark 8, 9, 10, and 12, were the first 14-inch guns to be employed with the United States Navy, and were for over a year the most powerful naval ordnance afloat. They were installed aboard the United States Navy's New York-class, Nevada-class, and Pennsylvania-class battleships as the primary armament for each battleship in the class. The gun also saw service in the British Royal Navy, where it was designated the BL 14 inch gun Mk II.

"The design of the 14"/45 caliber dates to about 1910, and they entered service in 1914 aboard USS New York. At the time of their introduction they were intended to fire 1400 lb armor-piercing (AP) projectiles containing a bursting charge of explosive D. Propellant charge was four silk bags of smokeless powder, each of which weighed 105 lb. At a 15 degree angle, the guns could fire a shell out to 23,000 yards. Each individual gun weighed 140,670 lbs without the breech and measured 642.5 inches in length."

1/200 USS Arizona BB-39 Turrets, 1916-1928, with Barrels

SKU: 200-BB39-turrets-1916-barrels-2

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