Scale: 1/200  

Includes 1 turret with barrels.

Recommended for:

  • GOMIX-Fly Model 1/200 scale USS California BB-44 (1941)
  • GOMIX-Fly Model 1/200 scale USS California BB-44 (1944)

This three-gun turret (more properly called a "gunhouse") represents the enormous 14"/50 caliber main battery of battleships USS California BB-44 as she appeared from 1921-1941, just Turret number 3 of USS California from 1942-1945, and Turret number 3 of USS Tennessee BB-43 as she appeared throughout her service life.  Those turrets had no exterior ventilation trunks during those years.  They are nearly identical to the gunhouses of the preceding New Mexico class battleships, differing only in the shape of the armored rangefinder hoods.  A turret with exterior ventilation trunks is availabel separately.

These 3D-printed acrylic parts are designed to accurately represent features of the real turret based on official US Navy drawings.  These turrets are not 3D-printed copies of any paper card, plastic or resin kit's parts and therefore may be shaped and sized differently than those parts.  Some adjustment to your plastic kit's parts or other aftermarket parts such as photoetch or wood decks may be necessary for best fit. 


  • closed armored rangefinder viewport shutters
  • rooftop screwheads acurately sized, numbered and located
  • armored rangefinder hexhead bolt and screw details
  • bases for rooftop periscopes accurately located
  • barrels are grouped on a trunnion to allow the modeler to set the position of the barrels to any realistic elevation from +30 degrees to -5 degrees, just like the real turrets

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1/200 USS Tennessee BB-43 and USS California BB-44 Turret, no vents

SKU: 200-BB43-turret-no-vents-1

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