Scale: 1/200

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This model kit represents the funnel of USS Pennsylvania BB-38 as the ship appeared at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941Pennsylvania's funnel was different in detail than that of her sistership USS Arizona, most noticeably the position of the incinerator pipe and the configuration of the splinter shielding, among others.  This model kit accurately captures those differences.


This is a multi-part kit.  These parts were designed for a tight fit.  3D-printed plastic is more brittle than polystyrene kit parts.  If necessary, trim parts to fit rather than force them.


  • overall dimensions and features scaled from official US Navy plans and drawings by Alan B. Chesley and A.D. Baker III adjusted to match photographs of the actual ship
  • accurately shaped steam pipes and incinerator exhausts
  • accurately shaped machinegun platforms and splinter shields
  • separate machinegun platform permits easier access to, and interior painting of, the searchlight control platforms straddling the funnel
  • open smoke pipe with correct interior "bend", hollow all the way through
  • fine supporting structure details omitted, ready for your favorite photo-etch parts (not included)


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1/200 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 Funnel, 1936-1941

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