Scale: 1/24

Recommended only for Airfix kits:

  • Airfix 1/24 scale P-51D Mustang
  • Airfix 1/24 scale Mustang Mk.IV
  • Airfix 1/24 scale P-51K / Mk.IVa Mustang


This model represents the rudder pedals of the famed P-51D, P-51K and  Mustang Mk.IV fighters.  It is intended to help detail Airfix 1/24 scale P-51D, P-51K and Mustang Mk.IV kit's.


This model may not fit Bandai or Trumpeter 1/24 scale P-51 Mustang kits and is not recommended for them.  The pedals were designed from scans of original North American Aviation blueprints then slightly adjusted to better fit the Airfix P-51 kits.


This model is made of acrylic plastic.  Acrylic plastic does not behave like injection-molded polystyrene plastic or other resins.  Glues for polystyrene plastic, like "Testors Liquid Cement" or tube cement, will not work with acrylic plastic.  Cyanoacrylate (CA) "super glue" is recommended.


© Robert Mrozowski.  This 3D-printed product is produced under license and may not be copied or recast.

1/24 Rudder Pedals for Airfix P-51D, P-51K, and Mustang Mk.IV

SKU: 24-P-51 rudder pedals-1