Scale: 1/249

Set includes 2 mounts (turrets) with barrels.

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  • Revell 1/249 scale USS Blessman DE-69
  • Revell 1/250 scale Frigate HMS Bligh, Captain class frigate (true scale 1/249)


Designed with upper, aft facet, specifically for John C. Butler and Rudderow class destroyer escorts.  One Edsall class ship (USS Camp DE-251) and eleven Buckley class ships received two of these mounts during refits.  This type was also fit to the New Mexico class battleship USS Idaho BB-41.

Among naval historians, the US Navy 5"/38 caliber gun is considered the best intermediate-caliber, dual purpose naval gun of World War II.  Two 5-inch/38 Mk.30 single mounts were normally fitted to Rudderow and John C. Butler class destroyer escorts, one forward and one aft.


  • fully assembled
  • scaled from official US Navy drawings
  • accurate, asymmetrically-shaped gunhouse (turret)
  • 5"/38 cal. gun set at the loading angle of +5 degrees
  • accurately offset gun opening
  • accurate glacis (forward face) stiffener detail
  • access hatches and viewports with hinge, clasp ("dog") and bolt detail
  • detailed turret bottom supporting structure with accurately placed bolt-head detail
  • rear vent and shell ejection chute

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1/249 Butler class and Rudderow class Destroyer Escort 5"/38 cal. Mounts

SKU: 249-Butler Rudderow 5in38 Mounts-2