Scale: 1/249

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  • Revell 1/249 scale USS Blessman DE-69
  • Revell 1/250 scale Frigate HMS Bligh, Captain class frigate (true scale 1/249)

This one piece funnel features the correct complex elliptical shape, exhausts and vents characteristic of the US Navy's and US Coast Guard's Cannon class and Edsall class destroyer escorts.   The ships of these classes were powered by diesel engines.  The Cannon class were configured as Diesel Electric Tandem "TED" drive and the follow-on Edsall class with Fairbanks-Morse reduction gear "FMR" direct drives.  The diesel motors' exhaust was vented up through pipes within the funnel casing resulting in the funnel cap interior's very unusual appearance.  The correct appearance of the funnel cap interior and diesel exhausts are captured by this model.

The preceding Buckley class destroyer escorts (known as "Captain class" frigates in Royal Navy service) had the same hull as the following Cannon and Edsal classes.  Any ship of these three classes can be built using the Revell 1/249 scale Buckley class DE kit's hull.

Ships of the Cannon and Edsal classes had remarkable service records from World War Two through the Vietnam War and beyond.  Several ships of these classes served with allied navies.  One was captured by North Vietnam while serving with the South Vietnam Navy.  The Cannon class BRP Rajah Humabon (FF-11) of the Philippine Navy, formerly USS Atherton DE-169, continues to serve as late as 2016.  Cannon class destroyer escort USS Slater DE-766 is preserved as a museum ship in New York.  Edsall class destroyer escort USS Stewart DE-238 is preserved in Texas.

For those intending to build USS Camp DE-251, the only ship of the Edsall class known to have been fit with powerful 5"/38 mounts, a set of two 5"/38 cal. mounts with the correct aft roof facet is available separately.

Thanks to noted naval historian Rick E. Davis who graciously contributed plans, advice, research effort and reference materials obtained from the National Archives, as well as David Perry who provided plans.

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1/249 Cannon class and Edsall class Destroyer Escort Funnel

SKU: 249-Cannon/Edsall Funnel-1

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