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For this model to fit your Lancaster kit, your Lancaster must be modified to have bulged bomb bay doors.

​This model represents the Mk II 8000 pound High Capacity bomb dropped from modified Avro Lancasters with bulged bomb bay doors.  This bomb was often referred to as a "Blockbuster" and a "Cookie", like the 4000 lb and 12,000 lb. high capacity bombs.


The 8000 lb bomb was normally part of a standardized load that included the Blockbuster together with six 500 lb. impact, or delayed-fused, general purpose/high explosive bombs.  This standardized load was codenamed "Plumduff-Plus".  Plumduff-Plus loads were intended for raids on heavy industry.


The real 8000 lb. Mk II "Blockbuster"/"Cookie" was 133.6 inches (339.3 cm) long and 38 inches (96.5 cm) in diameter.


Optional features: this model can be purchased with very subtle raised bands to aid in painting the weapon's conspicuous red and green markings, as shown in product photos, or without raised bands (smooth sides).  Please select which version you prefer when adding this model to your cart.


A video showing several types of bombs being loaded onto an Avro Lancaster, including the 8000 lb. "cookie" represented by this model, is viewable on Youtube (click here).


Although details varied slightly between actual bombs, this model's features and overall dimensions match those recorded in NAVORD Ordinance Pamphlet 1665, "British Explosive Ordnance", published 10 June 1946.


This model will not fit Avro Lancaster kits that have not been modified to have bulged bomb bay doors.


This model is not a 3D-printed copy of any plastic or resin kit's parts.  Therefore, it may be sized, shaped and detailed differently than the parts in your kit.  Depending on which kit you have, some adjustment to your kit's parts may be needed for best fit.

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1/32 "Blockbuster" / "Cookie" 8000 pound High Capacity Mk II Bomb

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