Scale: 1/32

Set includes 4 bottles.

This highly detailed set of models represents the large, fixed (non-portabe), low-pressure oxygen bottles installed in many World War Two and Korean War-era US Army Air Corps, US Air Force, US Navy and US Marine Corps aircraft. 

These bottles were conspicuous features visible within such aircraft as the B-17 Flying Fortress; B-24, PB4Y-1 and C-87 Liberator; B-25 and PBJ-1 Mitchell; B-26 Marauder; B-29, KB-29 and B-50 Superfortress; B-32 Dominator; B-36 Peacemaker; C-46 Commando; C-47 (DC-3) Skytrain; C-54 (DC-4) and R5D Skymaster; C-118 (DC-6) and R6D Liftmaster; KC-97 Stratofreighter; PBY Catalina; PB4Y-2 Privateer; PV-1 Ventura; PV-2 Harpoon; A-20 Havoc (Boston); A-26 (B-26) Invader; A-28 and A-29 Hudson; P-61 Black Widow; P-70; and more.

No assembly instructions will come with your parts.  An assembly guide rendering is included in the photo carousel on this webpage.  Please study your aircraft references to learn where to fix these bottles to your specific model aircraft.

This is an original product design, not a 3D-printed copy of any plastic or resin parts.


These parts are made of acrylic plastic. Acrylic plastic does not behave like injection-molded polystyrene plastic or other resins. Glues for polystyrene plastic, like "Testors Liquid Cement" or tube cement, will not work with acrylic plastic. Cyanoacrylate (CA) "super glue" is recommended.


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1/32 Oxygen Bottles for USAAF, USAF, USN and USMC Aircraft

SKU: 32-Oxygen Bottles USAF USN USMC-4