Scale: 1/350


Includes 1 funnel.  You will be asked to choose either the forward or aft funnel when adding this model to your cart.


A pair of both forward and aft funnels is available separately.

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These accurately sized and shaped, and highly detailed, models represent the funnels of British battlecruiser HMS Hood.  Unlike the Trumpeter kit's funnels, these 3D-printed funnels are identically sized and accurately detailed.


  • scaled from drawings by John Roberts based on official Admiralty plans in the possession of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England.
  • slots for five steam pipes per funnel, accurately sized and located (steam pipes not included). Position the forward funnel so that the end with three slots goes forward. Position the aft funnel so that the end with three slots goes aft.
  • rivet detail, accurately numbered and properly located after careful study of photos of the actual ship

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1/350 HMS Hood Funnel, forward or aft (just 1 funnel)

SKU: 350-Forward or Aft Hood funnel.