Scale: 1/350

Only includes 1 funnel.  Choose which 1 of 4 available when ordering.


A complete set of 4 funnels is available separately.


Recommended for:

  • Academy 1/350 scale RMS Titanic
  • Entex 1/350 scale The Late Great Titanic
  • Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic
  • Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic Deluxe Edition
  • Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic Centenial Edition
  • Revell 1/350 scale RMS Titanic


The single accurately sized and highly detailed model you choose represents one of the four funnels of Olympic class White Star liner RMS Titanic.  The model is scaled from scans of Harland and Wolff builder's plans.


The single funnel you choose is intended as a direct replacement for one of Academy, Entex, Minicraft and Revell 1/350 scale kits' funnels.  When compared to Harland and Wolff plans and photos of the actual ship, the plastic kits' funnels lack riveting detail, their height isn't quite right and the bases of the forward two funnels are angled without accounting for deck shear (slope).  This means that the kits' forward two funnels lean back too far, Funnel 1 more noticeably so.  The plastic kits' funnels' steam and water pipe diameters are much larger than scale.


  • Seamless smoke pipe uptake.
  • Accurate, extensive rivet detail, properly sized, numbered and located, with 15 divisions between vertical rows of rivets.
  • Accurate height consistent with Harland and Wolff's "Titanic Rigging Plan":
    • Funnels 1 and 4 = 163 feet 8 inches above keel
    • Funnels 2 and 3 = 165 feet 2 inches above keel (18 inches taller than Funnels 1 and 4)
  • Accurate aft slope ("rake") angle of 9.46 degrees from vertical (2 inches aft for every 12 inches of height), consistent with Harland and Wolff's "Titanic Rigging Plan".
  • Accurate funnel "stay eyes", also called "shroud brackets", properly shaped and located.  The "stays" are a set of 12 cables, also called "shrouds", attached to the funnel's exterior.  The stays extend outward and downward from the funnel to the deck to stabilize and strengthen it.  The stays attach to "eyes" which are brackets bolted the funnel.  Plastic kits omit the eyes in favor of simple holes in the sides of the funnel.
  • Accurately sized and configured exterior water and steam pipes:
    • large boiler steam escape pipes, 17" scale diameter forward pipe, 15" scale diameter aft pipe
    • whistle steam supply pipe with accurately bent base
    • integrated Funnel Number 3 steam loops
    • integrated single-pipe P-shaped tank air vent/overflows
    • integrated double-pipe P-shaped tank air vent/overflows
  • Accurately shaped triple whistles scaled from photos of a recovered set from the wreck.
  • Accurate funnel cap interior with structural girders and braces.


The whistle service platform and ladder have been omitted in favor of photo-etch available from photo-etch vendors.


Titanic's Funnel 3 had a complex arrangement of exterior water pipes with one or both ends of most pipes extending aft to Titanic's tank room roof.  See photo in carousel depicting the arrangement of the pipes from the funnel to the tank room roof.  Click the photo to enlarge it. Pipe colors in the photo match drawings by noted Titanic researcher Bob Read.


These scale model funnels are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic, resin, wood or paper card model kit’s parts. These funnels may not be the same size and shape of your plastic, resin, wood or paper card model kit’s parts. Some adjustment of your plastic or paper card kit’s parts or any aftermarket products such as photo-etch may be necessary for best fit.


Notice: this model is intended for very advanced modelers.  Supporting sprue removal, especially from each funnel's triple whistle and each funnel cap's internal braces, is difficult.  Each funnel's triple whiste is precisely to scale and therefore very fragile.  A very sharp cutting instrument, care and patience are recommended when removing the sprues and during handling.


Tips for removing interior supporting sprues:  There are several interior sprues that are difficult to remove.  Funnels 1, 2 and 3 have two layers of horizontal braces and girders within the funnel cap.  (Most plastic kits only have the three braces of the top layer).  Interior funnel cap horizontal braces and girders are supported by vertical sprues.  Vertical sprues should be removed by the modeler.  Funnel 4 has a simpler interior arrangement of horizontal plates.

  1. From the top of Funnels 1-3, carefully clip the sprue contact points from the 3 uppermost horizontal braces.
  2. Cut away and discard the printing raft from the bottom of each funnel.  Leave the interior sprues connected at their tops to the braces and girders within the funnel cap.
  3. From the bottom of all four funnels, carefully, gently and slowly twist the interior vertical sprues to break them away from the lower level of horizontal braces and girders.  The contact points of those sprues are very small and weak.  With care, the vertical sprues will break away without damaging the horizontal braces and girders.


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1/350 Titanic Funnel 1, 2, 3 or 4 (your choice of one funnel)

SKU: 350-Titanic Funnel 1, 2, 3 or 4