Expected release: October, 2020.


Scale: 1/350

Set includes 4 funnels.

Recommended for:

  • Academy 1/350 scale RMS Titanic
  • Entex 1/350 scale The Late Great Titanic
  • Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic
  • Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic Deluxe Edition
  • Minicraft 1/350 scale RMS Titanic Centenial Edition
  • Revell 1/350 scale RMS Titanic


These accurately sized and highly detailed models represent the four funnels of Olympic class White Star liners RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic.  They are scaled from scans of the Harland and Wolff "Titanic Rigging Plan".


These funnels are direct replacements for the Minicraft / Academy / Entex / Revell kits' funnels.  When compared to Harland and Wolff plans and photos, the kits' funnels are poorly detailed, their height isn't quite right and the bases of the forward two funnels are angled without accounting for deck shear (slope).  This means that the kits' Funnel #1 is noticeably too short and both forward two funnels angle back too far, Funnel 1 more noticeably so.  The kit's funnels' steam pipes are also a bit heavy.


  • fully assembled
  • seamless exhaust uptakes
  • accurate, extensive rivet detail, properly sized, numbered and located, with 15 divisions between vertical rows of rivets
  • accurate height conistent with The Titanic Rigging Plan
    • Funnels 1 and 4 = 163 feet 8 inches above keel
    • Funnels 2 and 3 = 165 feet 2 inches above keel
  • accurate aft slope ("rake") angle of 9.46 degrees from vertical (2 inches aft for every 12 inches of height), consistent with The Titanic Rigging Plan
  • accurately sized steam escape pipes (17" scale diameter forward, 15" scale diameter aft)
  • accurately shaped triple whistles
  • accurate funnel top interior with structural supports


These scale model funnels are not 3D-printed copies of any plastic, resin or paper card model kit’s parts. They may not be the same size and shape of your plastic or paper card model kit’s parts. Some adjustment of your plastic or paper card kit’s parts or any aftermarket products such as photo-etch may be necessary for best fit.

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1/350 Titanic Funnels

SKU: 350-Titanic funnels-4

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