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Recommended to help convert your 1/350 scale Kitty Hawk class aircraft carrier model kit or USS Enterprise CVN-65 model kit to the Forrestal class aircraft carrier USS Independence CVA-62.


This model represents the island of Forrestal class aircraft carrier USS Independence CVA-62 as it appeared circa 1965-1971 during the Vietnam War.  The Forrestal class was the world's first "super carriers".


For valuable reference photos of USS Independence CV/CVA-62, the fourth ship of the Forrestal class, see:

During this period, Carrier Air Wing 7 (CVW-7), tail code "AG", was embarked, equipped with A-6A Intruders, A-4 Skyhawks, F-4 Phantoms, F-8 Crusaders, A-1 Skyraiders, E-1 Tracers, SH-3 Sea Kings, among others.


  • overall dimensions scaled from official US Navy drawings, details adjusted to match photos
  • open navigating bridge, flag bridge and primary flight control station "prifly" windows with correct wiper motor detail for 1965-1971
  • open portholes for the signal shelter on the 09 level
  • open battle lookout ports, fore and aft, properly sized and positioned
  • highly detailed doors of 2 types fixed to the bulkheads in the open position, and one closed door
  • detailed and textured starboard side intake vents
  • accurately shaped decks, platforms, catwalks and splinter shields properly located
  • detailed starboard-side electronic countermeaures room and radar room with open doors sandwiched between bi-level platforms extending outward from funnel
  • accurately shaped and sized SPN-35 radar dome
  • lower portion of the swing-down mast fixed to the superstructure (does not move) with hinge detail at the base, with small locator dimple to aid in attaching your kit's mast
  • open funnel uptakes
  • diesel generator exhausts between funnel uptakes


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  • 5"/54 cal. Mk.42 double-dome "Frog-eye" Mounts (turrets)


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1/350 USS Independence CVA-62 Island, 1965-1971

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