Scale: 1/350

Set includes 5 turrets with barrels.  These 3D-printed turrets are intended as direct replacements for the Trumpeter kits' turrets which are incorrectly shaped and detailed.

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  • Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale USS Texas BB-35 (1944)
  • Trumpeter 1/350 scale USS New York  BB-34
  • Trumpeter 1/350 scale USS Texas  BB-35


This set of five Twin-gun 14 inch/45 caliber Turrets is intended for models of New York class battleships USS New York BB-34 and USS Texas BB-35.  This set includes:

  • Three main deck Turrets # 1, 3 and 5
  • Two superfiring Turrets # 2 and 4, which were located on tall barbettes above the main deck, with small rangerfinders
  • Five pair of barrels.


  • scaled from actual builders blueprints of the turret, dated 1914, and US Navy Bureau of Ordnance pamphlet O.P. 1112, 2nd Revision, dated January, 1945
  • measurements and location of features confirmed from wartime and present-day photos of USS Texas BB-35, preserved as a museum ship
  • gun barrels have scale 14" muzzle opening
  • accurate turret side and glacis curvature
  • superfiring Turrets 2 and 4 feature asymmetrical rangefinder hoods with telescope openings located on the turret sides to the rear of the glacis (the right-side hood is accurately larger than the left side hood)
  • properly raised turret roof panel with bolt detail
  • detailed turret roof access hatches with dog and hinge detail
  • turret roof rain gutter/deflector just aft of the glacis
  • subcaliber training device mounting plate located just aft of the glacis on the turret roof
  • roof-mounted periscope base properly located off-center
  • accurately positioned and shaped gun openings with buckler (bloomer/blast bag) attachment frames
  • crew access hatch (aka "Armored Grating Hatch") on turret bottom overhang, with hydraulic piston and hinge detail.  Superfiring turrets are correctly hinged to the rear. Main deck turrets are correctly hinged to the front.

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From Wikipedia: "The 14"/45 caliber gun, (technically naval rifles) whose variations were known initially as the Mark 1, 2, 3, and 5, and later as the Mark 8, 9, 10, and 12, were the first 14-inch guns to be employed with the United States Navy, and were for over a year the most powerful naval ordnance afloat. They were installed aboard the United States Navy's New York-class, Nevada-class, and Pennsylvania-class battleships as the primary armament for each battleship in the class. The gun also saw service in the British Royal Navy, where it was designated the BL 14 inch gun Mk II.

"The design of the 14"/45 caliber dates to about 1910, and they entered service in 1914 aboard USS New York. At the time of their introduction they were intended to fire 1400 lb armor-piercing (AP) projectiles containing a bursting charge of explosive D. Propellant charge was four silk bags of smokeless powder, each of which weighed 105 lb. At a 15 degree angle, the guns could fire a shell out to 23,000 yards. Each individual gun weighed 140,670 lbs without the breech and measured 642.5 inches in length.

"The guns on the two ships of the New York class (New York and Texas), the first ship of the Nevada class (Nevada) and the first ship of the Pennsylvania class (Pennsylvania) saw service in World War II in the role of shore bombardment. New York bombarded North Africa during landings in 1942, Pennsylvania took part in the Aleutian Islands Campaign and Texas and Nevada shelled Normandy during Operation Overlord in 1944. Throughout 1944 and 1945, Pennsylvania hit many different Pacific islands during their invasions, while New YorkTexas and Nevada all took part in the invasion of Iwo Jima and the invasion of Okinawa in 1945.

Due to the attack on Pearl Harbor, both Oklahoma and Arizona never fired their main batteries in anger. However, the 14"/45 caliber guns salvaged from the number 2 turret aboard Arizona were removed and installed aboard Nevada in the fall of 1944. The aft turrets from Arizona (numbers 3 and 4) were moved to become United States Army Coast Artillery Corps Battery Arizona on the west coast of Oahu and Battery Pennsylvania on Mokapu Point.

"Eight US-Navy standard 14-inch 45 caliber guns, complete with mountings, built by Bethlehem Steel, were supplied to the United Kingdom in World War I. They were mounted on Abercrombie-class monitors under the British service designation BL 14 inch gun Mk II."

1/350 USS New York BB-34 and USS Texas BB-35 Turrets with Barrels

SKU: 350-BB34 turrets-brrls-5

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