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Scale: 1/350

Set includes 4 turrets: 2 twin-gun 8"/55 cal. turrets and 2 triple-gun 8"/55 cal. turrets, each with a trunnion.  No barrels.

Recommended for Iron Shipwright's 1/350 scale USS Salt Lake City CA-25

This set of turrets (more properly called "gunhouses"), is designed to accurize any 1/350 scale USS Pensacola CA-24 or USS Salt Lake City CA-25 heavy cruiser model kit.  Depending on which kit you own, some adjustment may be needed for best fit.


  • overall dimensions precisely scaled from US Navy O.P.1112 (2nd Rev.) "Gun Mount and Turret Catalog" drawings dated 15 January 1945
  • correct gunhouse roof geometry
  • accurately shaped armored rangefinder hoods
  • four crew access doors and 172 hex-head exterior bolts properly positioned, sized and correctly placed according to photos of the actual turrets
  • separate trunnion, slotted for your favorite brass barrels (not included) to allow you to position the guns to any realistic elevation from -5 degrees to +40 degrees just like the real turret


These turrets carried two or three Mk.9 guns, later upgraded to Mk.14 guns.  Please use your favorite brass barrels or your kit's parts.  

Model Monkey 1/350 Pensacola class products:

  • 1/350 8"/55 cal Turrets for USS Pensacola CA-24 and USS Salt Lake City CA-25
  • 1/350 8"/55 cal Turret Base Rings for Pensacola class Heavy Cruisers
  • 1/350 USS Pensacola CA-24 Vents

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1/350 USS Pensacola CA-24 and USS Salt Lake City CA-35 8"/55 cal. Turrets

SKU: 350-CA24-turrets-4