Scale: 1/350

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  • Classic Warships  1/350 scale USS Tennessee BB-43 (1941)
  • Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale USS Tennessee BB-43  (1941)

This model represents the 01 level 5"/51 cal. gun casemate and boat deck of the battleship USS Tennessee BB-43 as it appeared on the morning of December 7th, 1941 while anchored at Pearl Harbor on "Battleship Row".  


  • details and deck shapes benefit from study of high-resolution photos of USS Tennessee BB-43 obtained from the National Archives
  • accurately shaped splinter shielding for December 7th, 1941
  • fully planked boat deck with recessed grooves (boats not included)
  • deck-edge waterway in proper locations
  • open casemate 5"/51 gun positions (5"/51 cal.  guns not included)
  • interior casemate bulkheads
  • open portholes
  • detailed doors with dogs, rub-plates and condition "Z" placards, correctly positioned
  • accurately shaped, sized and detailed 5" ready service ammunition lockers properly positioned
  • accurately shaped, sized, and detailed boat deck skylights properly positioned
  • accurately positioned openings for funnel "smoke pipes" and boat cranes (funnels and cranes not included)
  • cutout for 14"/45 cal. triple-gun Turret #2 barbette diameter = 28 mm

Note: resin kits normally experience minor shrinkage or other distortion as the resin cures.  This 3D-printed model does not experience shrinkage.  Therefore some adjustment to your resin kit's parts, or this model, may be necessary for best fit.

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Available separately:

  • USS Tennessee BB-43 fighting tops
  • 14"/50 cal. Tennessee class Triple-gun Turrets 
  • 14"/50 cal. Barrels
  • 14"/50 cal. Trunnions
  • Mk.19 Directors
  • 5"/25 cal. Ready Service Ammunition Lockers

1/350 USS Tennessee BB-43 01 Level, 1940-1941

SKU: 350-BB43 01 level

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